16 January 2018

Tug of War


  • Each Team will consist of 6 participants (3 males/3 females)
  •  A 1,200 pound weight limit, per team, will apply. All members of a team will weigh‐in prior to the competition.
  • If a team member does NOT weigh-in prior to the start of the competition, they will not be allowed to participate.
  • Team members will be required to wear a wristband after the weigh‐in and through the duration of the event.
  • Only rubber cleats, tennis shoes, aqua socks or bare feet will be allowed. Absolutely NO Metal Cleats allowed.  Those participants found to be wearing illegal shoes will not be allowed to compete.
  • Gloves ARE allowed and recommended.
  • No sticky substances may be used on hands or gloves.
  • The Tug of War rope is 120’ in length and 1 ¼” in width.
  • Teams will be lined up so that the rope will be pulled on the right side (under the participant’s rightarms).
  • Males and females will be alternated in positions on the rope.
  • Participants in the Tug may use feet or hands only to gain foothold. They will not be allowed extensive time to dig in and get set. There will be a one‐minute time limit per tug.
  • Participants are NOT ALLOWED to face the opposite direction, put their hands on the ground, or sit down on the ground.
  • The winning team will pull the opposing team across the designated victory line (15 feet). If no team has been pulled over the line at the end of the one‐minute time limit, the tug will go to the team who has the advantage at the time.





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