16 January 2018



Company teams can be comprised from the military, not-for-profit staff (excluding Board of Directors), city/county government, schools and all businesses in Wichita and counties in the surrounding area.  Two companies may choose to partner and compete as one team.  Their combined number of employees will determine what division they participate in.

Since the goal of Wichita Corporate Challenge is to foster company pride and team spirit, participation is for company employees only.  To be eligible to participate individuals must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age by August 1, 2017 (for events that are divided into age groups, competitor’s year of birth will be used)
  • Be employed with the registered company at the time of the event with the exception of employees laid off after January 1, 2017 who may also participate
  • Not be included on the roster of another participating company
    In addition, individuals who meet one of the following criteria are also eligible to participate:
    • Retired employees of a participating company may participate with their former employer. A retired employee is defined as an employee who has reached the lesser of the normal retirement age (as defined by any benefit plan of the participating company) or 65 years of age.
    • An employee who satisfies the normal eligibility requirements but is transferred from the Wichita area by his or her employer between the roster submission deadline and the date of the event.
    • Laid-off employees, who satisfy normal eligibility requirements, may participate as long as they were laid-off between January 1, 2017 and the date of the event. However, these laid-off individuals are eligible only if they are not employed elsewhere at the time of the WCC.

Individuals who terminate employment prior to the start date of the event may not participate with their former employer.

Company subsidiaries of participating companies may compete jointly with their parent company. All employees of the subsidiary company must be included in the total employee count.

Contract employees may participate with a participating company, provided that the contract employee provides services exclusively for that participating company, and the contract employee meets the normal eligibility requirements.





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