24 June 2017

Miniature Golf


  • Teams will consist of four (4) members – two (2) men and two (2) women.
  • The tournament will be 18 holes, total team score.
  • The tournament will begin with a shotgun start.
  • Each group will determine an official scorekeeper in their group prior to starting.
  • After 18 holes, one scorecard will be signed by all participants and turned in as the official scorecard.
  • All-Star Sports rules, as stated on the back of each scorecard, will be the official rules of play.
  • In the event of a tie, the group with the most holes-in-one will be deemed the winner.  If still tied, the group with the most two-shot holes will be deemed the winner, and so on.  If still tied, the winner will be determined by coin flip.
  • No substitution of players can be made once play begins.
  • A maximum score of six (6) per hole is allowed.

Equipment Provided

  • Putters
  • Golf Balls





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