24 June 2017

800 Meter Executive Relay


  • Teams will consist of four (4) members of management – (2) men & (2) women.
  • The cumulative age of the four runners must be a minimum of 120 years.
  • Batons must be successfully passed within the 22-meter exchange zone.
  • Race legs are 200 meters each.  The total distance is 800 meters.
  • “Out-of-zone” exchanges or obstructing other runners is a 30-second penalty.


  • Impeding the progress of another runner constitutes a foul.  Fouling may result in a time penalty assessed (30 seconds) of the runner committing the foul in that event.
  • In the event that a baton is dropped in a relay, the runner who dropped the baton must pick it up.  If, in doing so, the runner impedes the progress of any other runner, he or she has fouled and will result in a 30-second penalty.
  • All participants must report to the staging area (center of track) 20 minutes before their scheduled Company Division event.  If a participant misses their heat, there will not be a “make-up” heat nor can they run with another heat.
  • Spikes up to ¼ inch in length will be allowed.





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